Strawberry Overnight Oats Recipe

Strawberry Overnight Oats Recipe

A six-ingredient strawberry overnight oats that you can prepare for your next breakfast adventure. This easy overnight oats recipe is made with fresh strawberries and rolled oats that will fill your hearts and put a smile on your mornings.

What is? (History/Background)

Overnight oats started to rise in 2012 — where people in searched for easy breakfast ideas that would  replace the traditional breakfast. It became popular since oats have been linked to lowering the risk of  hypertension and diabetes.

Rolled oats are far different from steel-cut oats. They are fiber-rich carbs that are low in fat and high in vitamins and minerals. Steel-Cut oats are groats that were chopped with a large steel blade. They have a  chewy texture when cooked through and need longer cooking time than rolled oats. Old-fashioned  rolled oats are groats that go through several processes, such as steaming and flattening. It contains a  milder and softer texture, and since it has gone through several processes, it now takes much less time  to cook than steel-cut oats.

Health Benefits?

Strawberry Overnight Oats with three strawberries

Rolled oats are high in fiber, keeping your hunger at bay for the next meal. It is also suitable for your gut  health. Rolled oats are the healthiest grains on the planet. They are gluten-free and a source of fiber,  antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals when correctly prepared or cooked.

Top View of Strawberry Overnight Oats

Strawberries are also packed with vitamins and minerals with a high concentration of antioxidants called  polyphenols that protect your heart and increase good cholesterol. It also lowers blood pressure and  blood glucose level.

This recipe combines fiber-rich ingredients that will give you not just a jolt of energy to keep you pushing  forward for the day but also a nutritional breakfast without spending too much.

Tips and Procedure

A Close Up Shot of Strawberry Overnight Oats

• In selecting fresh strawberries, make sure they have a bright red color hue and fresh-looking  green caps/leaves. When you get home, rinse the berries under running tap water. Pat it dry  using a paper towel, place it on a container, and refrigerate it until use.

• You have to use a 16-ounces mason jar for this recipe. Although it may seem too much, this will  prevent it from overflowing and spoiling the goodness of this delicious breakfast idea.

How To Make

Prepare the following ingredients before you proceed:

• full cream milk

• old-fashioned rolled oats

• maple syrup

• vanilla extract

• chia seeds

• Strawberries, quartered

Preparation of ingredients

Mix all the ingredients in a large mason jar with a lid. Refrigerate and let it bloom overnight; serve

Mixing all the ingredients in a mason jar


Strawberry Overnight Oats

Can I use another type of milk for this recipe?

Yes, of course! You can simply turn this recipe into a  plant-based meal by replacing whole cream milk with plant-based milk such as almond milk, soy  milk, and of course OAT milk!

Do I have to cook the rolled oats before using them?

No need to cook it down. The science behind  overnight oats is that the starch present in the oats is broken down as it is soaked for a longer  period. This means that as soon as the oats are soaked with liquid, it absorbs nutrients, and the acid  in the oats is broken down overnight, resulting in better digestion in the body. The soggy texture  helps the body digest and absorb the vitamins and minerals of oats and other ingredients.  This is also the same case with chia seeds. Chia seeds can be easily absorbed if it is bloomed in a  liquid.

I don’t have fresh strawberries, but I do have store-bought frozen strawberries. Can I use this  instead?

Yes, you may use frozen in the absence of fresh strawberries. You may add a tablespoon of  strawberry jam to add another dimension to the overnight oats.

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