Ramen Fried Rice Recipe

Ramen Fried Rice Recipe

Asian Fusion in one bite!

When I was in middle school, my favorite breakfast would be instant ramen in pouches with rice and fried egg. It's a carb-loaded breakfast that's ideal for students like me. Aside from that, it's very cheap, easy to prepare, and hassle-free especially if you have those days when you’re rushing around and you need a quick breakfast meal to fill you up.

Most people think it's strange that I pair everything with rice. Well, what else can I say? I'm a true blue Asian girl. Everything tastes better with rice!

And then came the Korean Drama era, where everything they ate was amusing to us. Thanks to the popularity of K-culture led us to Korean Instant Ramen, and then other Korean dishes like kimchi fried rice. Those two Korean dishes left an impression on me. It was surprisingly good as if my palate has a mind of its own and could easily adapt to this new taste.

What is Ramen Fried Rice

I don't know who invented it but ramen fried rice is simply instant ramen in a cup that has been turned into fried rice. Nothing fancy or exceptional. But hey, don't get fooled as this instant ramen hack has immediately gained widespread popularity on several social media platforms. Different variations spread like mushrooms. Everyone has their take on this food. Maybe because it is easy and is bursting with umami flavor, thanks to the instant ramen seasoning packets and made even better with additional eggs and green onions.

So, when I saw some posts and a viral TikTok video of ramen fried rice, I knew right away what else to do to make it more than just the instant ramen fried rice recipe. It's like creating a hack from a hack.

I don't know if you are guessing what I'm thinking, but what would happen if you combined all your favorites in one dish? It's like you are saving your time and energy by eating one dish instead of two but getting the best of both worlds, right

By just adding a few tweaks and a few more ingredients we can come up with Ramen Kimchi fried rice. A fusion that can surely blow your mind.

So without further ado, let's go ahead with the recipe, shall we?


For easy cooking, use a wok or any deep nonstick skillet.

This saves you time and energy because it ensures that your fried rice will not stick to the bottom of the pan.

How to make ramen fried rice

Prepare your instant ramen by opening the cup and crushing the noodles.

Add a quarter cup of hot water, just the right amount to soften the noodles.

When the noodles are soft enough, stir in the seasoning packet until thoroughly combined. Set it aside.

Preheat a skillet over medium heat. Once the pan has reached temperature, add a tablespoon of neutral oil.

Pan fry spam cubes until a little golden in color.

Frying spam cubes until golden brown

Stir in the chopped kimchi for 2 minutes, or until it is slightly cooked.

Stirring the kimchi until slightly cooked

Add in your cooked ramen and continue mixing until dry.

Adding the cooked ramen to the mixture

Once done, stir in the rice and mix everything together. This will take about 4 minutes in medium-high heat.

Finish the cooking by adding the beaten egg.

Adding the beaten egg

Assemble your ramen fried rice using the ramen cup as a molder.

Assembling the ramen fried rice using the ramen cup as molder

Starting first by drizzling a little bit of sesame oil in the cup. This process will add flavor and prevent the rice from sticking.

In the bottom of the cup, put shredded nori sheets.

Fill the cup with rice mixture and slightly push it with a spoon until compact.

Make sure to pack the rice tightly so that it will hold its shape.

Transfer it to a serving plate and garnish it with roasted sesame seeds and fresh green onion slices.

You can pair it with another fried egg to complete the dish.

Serve and enjoy!


Ramen Fried Rice
  • Fried rice is best made with day-old rice. If not available and using freshly cooked rice, it should be spread on a tray and allowed to cool for 5 minutes before using. Or transfer it loosely to a covered container and refrigerate for at least 12 hours or up to 3 days.
  • If you're feeling extra, instead of the typical fried egg topping, make a runny scrambled egg like one in Omurice and serve it on top of your ramen fried rice. You can also drizzle it with sriracha and Kewpie mayo for the ultimate Asian fusion experience.
  • If you are not a fan of spicy food, you can replace Shin Ramyun with ramen of your choice. Also, omit sriracha as your topping.  As for the kimchi, if you find the flavor too strong, you can rinse it with water first before cooking.
  • You can substitute regular ham, bacon, or any other type of meat for the Spam. If you are a vegetarian, you can replace the meat with any vegetable of your choice.
  • Also, when cooking your ramen, only use enough water to soften the noodles. Too much water can make your fried rice mushy.

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