Mango Tapioca Recipe

Mango Tapioca Recipe

Easy mango dessert that you can prepare in just a couple of minutes! This mango tapioca recipe is a perfect treat for the whole family and friends on any occasion, whether a birthday party, wedding anniversary, or even an ordinary day; just make sure to save up some for yourself because it's going to be a hit.

What is? (History/Background)

Two Servings of Mango Tapioca

Mango tapioca or mango sago is a typical dessert in the Philippines that is served during town fiestas and parties. This well-loved dessert will surely entertain your guest with a light and sweet taste profile.

The addition of cheese and nata de coco creates a beautiful twist to a regular mango sago recipe. This recipe is good for six to eight people.

Health Benefits? (If applicable)

Mango Tapioca with fresh mango on the side

Mango is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin A, C, and K. It is also low in saturated fat but high in dietary fiber, making it a wonderful ingredient to devour. It is also low in cholesterol; however, eating too much will raise blood glucose levels which is bad for your health.

Tips and Procedure

A glass of Mango Tapioca
  • How to remove the meat of the mango? First things first, remove the skin by peeling it like a banana. Then slice it horizontally, two to three slices per side, until you reach the center seed. Then cut the mango flesh into dice.
  • You can place all the ingredients in a tupperware with a lid and refrigerate it for a couple of hours.
  • If you use uncooked tapioca pearls, simply bring cups of water to a rolling boil and pour the pearls directly and stir it occasionally until cooked through or until it becomes translucent. Rinsed it with cold running water and use it in this recipe.

How To Make

Prepare all the ingredients stated below before starting the recipe:

Ingredients of Mango Tapioca

You can place all the ingredients in a tupperware with a lid and refrigerate it for a couple of hours.

  • 4 ripe mangoes
  • coconut cream
  • whole milk
  • condensed milk
  • cooked large tapioca pearls
  • nata de coco
  • diced cheddar cheese

Place all the ingredients in a mixing bowl or large food container and mix well.

Putting all the ingredients in a mixing bowl

Refrigerate for at least 4 hours before serving as a dessert.

Refrigerated Mango Tapioca


A close up shot of Mango Tapioca

What does it taste like?

Sweet, slight hint of citrus, and almost melon flavor. The nata de coco's slightly sour taste balances the flavor as it counterbalances the sweetness of the mango pudding — creating a delicious dimension to the mango tapioca.

What needs to expect?

You can expect an incredibly delicious dessert that you can serve on any occasion.

Any substitute for any ingredient?

Personally, this recipe is as good as it should be. You can substitute coconut milk with cream cheese, creating a more creamy and not too soupy pudding.

My mango tapioca is quite soupy. Is this really the texture?

Yes, it is the final outcome; it must be refrigerated for a couple of hours.

Can I use more mangoes?

Yes, feel free to add more mangoes if you like — the more, the better.

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