Cowboy Butter Sauce

Cowboy Butter Sauce

Growing up, the only dipping sauce we knew was either soy sauce with lime juice or vinegar with chilies and sometimes ketchup. The classic and the traditional dip of every household.  Boring, I know! We never had a chance to explore and try out different flavors. But as we grow older and start to learn more in the kitchen, we slowly gain an interest in some of the flavors and cuisines of foreign countries.

Before, I never thought that my regular grilled meat could taste so much better with sauces. Until I discovered the cowboy butter sauce.

What is Cowboy Butter Sauce

Regardless of where it came from, this butter sauce is undeniably tasty and very simple to make. Loaded with various flavors from herbs, spices, and butter—this is one good way to give your simple grilled meats, like pork, chicken, or steak, a new life, and flavor. Perfect for backyard BBQ parties, or simple get-togethers over steaks and wine. It is also a perfect companion for your seafood recipes like crabs and shrimp. You can even enjoy it with vegetables and bread for dipping. Seriously, it is so incredibly good that you might want to dip everything in it. As in literally everything! The process is pretty simple. You just have to mix everything all together into one delicious sauce. Do you know what the best part is? Less cooking is required.

So let’s get ready to grill those bad boys while we are preparing this awesome sauce!

How to Make Cowboy Butter Sauce

1. Melt the butter in a small saucepan over low heat or place it in a microwave-safe container and pop it in the microwave to melt.

Melted butter

2. Put your melted butter that has cooled, along with the red onion, parsley, scallions, and finely chopped garlic, in a bowl.

Adding red onion, parsley, scallions, and finely chopped garlic

3. Then, season with salt, pepper, chopped fresh thyme leaves, chili powder, and red chili flakes.

4. Add the honey, Worcestershire sauce, and mustard, then combine by whisking it all together until it emulsifiers.

Seasoning with salt, pepper, chopped fresh thyme leaves, chili powder, and red chili flakes

5. Last but not least, incorporate your lemon zest and half of the lemon juice.

6. Then serve with steak, potatoes, or whatever else you like.


  • In melting the butter, you may either do it on the stovetop or use the microwave for an easy melting process.
  • This recipe will require you to use a wire whisk to mix all the ingredients together. This will help to incorporate all the ingredients while emulsifying them through whisking.
  • This is a greasy kind of sauce due to the butter component. Ideally, you may need to use a stainless steel mixing bowl to mix everything or a glass bowl. Avoid using plastic containers.


  • Making this in large batches is a good idea for later use. You may store the leftovers in an airtight container with enough space as this will solidify when stored in the refrigerator.
  • To heat this baby, you just need to pop it in the microwave or heat it on the stovetop to restore it from its glorious taste.
  • This sauce is pretty adjustable, you can lessen the spiciness by adjusting the amount of chili powder and chili pepper flakes. If you want to intensify it, feel free to add some more. However, be careful not to make it too spicy, as this can overpower the flavor.
  • Others also love adding a tablespoon of horseradish to the recipe and seasoning it with some paprika and cayenne pepper to give it another layer of flavor. You just have to taste it according to your liking.
  • For leftovers, aside from making this a sauce or dip, I’m also thinking of making this into a meat marinade. Soaking my meat in this flavorful sauce before grilling or frying will give it melt-in-your-mouth goodness. I just need to adjust the salt and pepper seasoning for my meat to avoid it being too salty.
  • Be careful in choosing your butter. Using salted butter means you need to season it lightly with salt. However, if you are using the unsalted ones, you can follow this recipe or adjust the taste along the way.
  • If you want to use this sauce in vegan recipes, yes, it’s possible. Simply replace the butter with some vegan butter. This will give your new dish a new light and taste.
  • Worcestershire sauce can be bought in any grocery or Asian store. If you are having a hard time finding one you can order it online as well.

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